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Of Tears and Joy

The mystery was unfolding before our eyes.
We could now see the enemy’s lies.
It was more then our minds could stand.
But in our hearts we could see God's plan.

From the things He taught us in Galilee,
Until they hung Him on the tree.
When He told the parables we did not understand.
As He taught all the people across the land.

Even though our hearts were broken,
We remember the words that were spoken.
The scriptures foretold of these days.
Why could we not understand God's ways?

Only a few of us could bear to watch Him die.
The rest of us were far to shy.
We could not see the glory in God's plan.
His grace we did not understand.

We recounted all the stories.
And all of things our eyes did see.
Much was still a mystery.
And we were still in misery.

We saw Him Die!
We know that it was no lie.
But here He stands,
Telling us of God's plans.

By Johnnie Amberson